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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  November 24, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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- i don't think i've ever heard you say that. - because i never have. whoever's sending you these texts has real resources, someone like nick vera. - are you saying nick is doing this or speculating as much? - he's poison. cut this guy loose, charlie. - i can't. - he's linked to those texts that you've been receiving, isn't he? that's the only reason you haven't blown this bastard out of the airlock by now. all right, all right, all right, all right. i'm not gonna let you implicate yourself out loud or lie to me, so let's just do this the old-fashioned way.
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- the president asked me to do something. - we're not gonna save him, are we? - is he still talking? - they've almost cut in with the torches. - he was frantic a few minutes ago, but...he's gone quiet. - you guys read his file. i need something... something that i can key in on. how was he recruited? - it was a sense of self-worth. he told his handler, canfield, that he wanted to be essential, someone important. - he believed the world was on the verge of a nuclear war, and he realized while he was here in college that the u.s. might be the reasonable ones. - thank you. anatoly?
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anatoly? anatoly? - i'm here. they're getting through. they'll soon open it. - sir, i have a mission for you. - a mission? - yes. directly from the president of the united states. - the president? she knows who i am? - absolutely. i just left her at the white house. it's a mission only you can do. - i-i don't understand. - there are two russian cruisers less than half an hour from your position. we have an icebreaker sailing in, but the russian ships are gonna beat us there. if we fire on the cruisers, your country will respond. soon there will be war. you and i have devoted our lives to avoiding a war between our nations. i couldn't tell you this before, but i do remember you from the day in the park. i-i remember playing with your daughter,
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no matter what is said about me after i'm gone, know that i always, always loved you, my darling. you were the only good, true thing in my life. i will miss you. - anatoly, is there anything you would like me to pass on to the president? - no. i said what i had to say. whatever last words i have i'll keep to myself. charlie, thank you. - thank you, sir. [melancholy music] ♪ - ♪ he used to call me dn
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[boom] ♪ give me all of that ultraviolence ♪ - i lied. - what? - i lied... to anatoly simonov, nightfall. i don't remember him from the park when i was a kid. - what do you mean, charlie? - i told him my father said he was a hero, that i remember them walking away that day. it's not true, mo. i have no memory of that moment at all. i lied. - well, he died a hero. - no, he didn't. he died a spy. - to anatoly. - to anatoly.
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news 4 at 11:00, begins with
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breaking news. >> breaking news right now in ferguson, missouri. protesters are reacting to a grand jury's decision not to charge officer darren wilson in the shooting death of unarmed black teenager michael brown. >> looking at live pictures now from ferguson. there have been some clashes between protesters and the police there. tactical units have been deployed, and we've had reports of pepper spray and smoke used on those crowds. >> crowds are also forming here in the district. they've marched from u street to the white house. closing streets in the process. president obama urged calm minutes ago. >> hurting others or destroying property is not the answer. >> we have team coverage of the story right now from ferguson, to here in d.c. we begin with jackie bensen at the white house where protesters just arrived. jackie? >> reporter: jim, we have some footage to show you, shot maybe
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about 15 or 20 minutes ago. it shows hundreds of protesters just flooding into lafayette park, headed toward the white house. i can tell you that most of them are young people in their 20s. many of them are wearing sweat shirts that indicate they are from the colleges here in the d.c. area. and you can see, they are gathered right now in front of the white house. there are a couple of people up there with mega phones. they're giving speeches, and people generally have a very, very concerted air of protest. they're applauding, and very peaceful. there are some secret service and d.c. police here, but they're in an extremely relaxed position. the position of the police is let people say as much as they want, let them stay as long as they want, let them express how they feel, and they've certainly dealt with much larger protests
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than this at this point. there are about 200, 300 people here and more keep arriving. >> jackie, thank you. those protesters began their march near the u street metro station. police blocked traffic for them. shomari, what's happening over on u street now? >> well, right now on u street, it's relatively peaceful. it was peaceful during the protest as well. let's show you some video. hundreds of protesters were marching down u street, they went up 12th to 14th. many of them had their hands up indicating that michael brown had his hands up when officer darren wilson shot and killed him. that's what they believe. many are outraged that the grand jury did not indict officer darren wilson. they're upset, they're frustrated. however, they are very peaceful. in fact, many of them were complimenting the police, how
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they were showing restraint. many of them also said and questioned what would have happened if darren wilson was black and michael brown was a white teenager. that's what they were saying to me. i'm also going to show you some video from the civil war memorial cardoza station. a lot of folks gathered here before they came from howard university. and they were holding signs that said, no justice, no peace. many of them also decided that this is the best way to handle this, in order to protest what happened in ferguson. live here in d.c., i'm shomari stone, news 4. >> thanks, stomary. >> michael brown's family released a statement. it reads, and i quote, we are profoundly disappointed that the killer of our child will not face the consequences of his actions. we understand that many others share our pain, we asked that you channel your frustration in ways that will make a positive change. we need to work together to fix the system that allowed this to
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happen. join with us in our campaign to ensure that every police officer working the streets in this country wears a body camera. we respectfully ask that you please keep your protests peaceful. answering violence with violence is not the appropriate reaction. let's not just make noise, let's make a difference. our team coverage continues now. jim, what's going on in ferguson now? >> yeah, vance, the situation is chaotic at best right now in ferguson. at times going from tense to volatile. we've seen fire, smoke bombs, and rocks and bottles thrown. pull up a live camera from the streets near the police department. craig melvin reports numerous shots fired there. and st. louis police have deployed their tactical operations units. you can see protesters busted out the windows of a police cruiser, then a line of police swept the street pushing the protesters along.
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we've seen a lot of smoke again, used to break up unruly crowds. then about 30 minutes ago, about a block from the police station, a cruiser went up in flames there, all this on the heels of a half-hour statement from the st. louis county prosecutor. >> they determined that no probable cause exists to file any charge against officer wilson. >> thanks for your patience -- >> there you have mcculloch laying out a mini case, outlining why jurors may have reached the decision not to indict officer darren wilson. that included conflicting witness statements, some who said they saw a struggle at the car, also brown's blood found in officer wilson's car and on his pants. witnesses who said brown was charging wilson. >> these grand jurors poured their hearts and souls into this process. their term was scheduled to end in early september, and they gave up their lives, they put their lives on hold, they put their families on hold, they put
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everything on hold so that they could come in and do their civic duty. >> back to a live picture right now. we've heard reports of at least one business, smoke pouring out of a beauty parlor. we also saw from this aerial a short time ago, a walgreen's, some type of fire or smoke coming out of the building there in like a strip mall. there are several fires popping up and the situation seems to be growing worse right now. it started out not the summertime numbers that we saw in the thousands, but about 5- to 600 people. a very young crowd. a lot of teenagers in to tonight. we'll be back monitoring our satellite feeds. back to you for now. >> thank you. attorneys for officer darren wilsonal also released a statement tonight. it says in part, officer wilson followed his training and followed the law. we recognize that many people will want to second guess the grand jury's decision. we encourage anyone who wants to
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express an opinion to do so in a respectful and peaceful manner. stay with us for continuing coverage of this story throughout this newscast. turning to a winter storm watch in effect for wednesday. not all of us will get the snow, but it comes on one of the bbsiest travel days of the year. how can the weather change so quickly? >> it's amazing. i tied a record high temperature for the day and we're talking about snow moving in. look at the numbers right now at 11:00, it's still 68 degrees in the city. 67 degrees fredericksburg. 64 degrees in gath ersburg. snow coming in in just under 48 hours. winter storm watch in effect. it does not include d.c., but everybody from loudon county, frederick county, and places to the west, where we do expect significant accumulation. i'll talk more about that, show you how much snow you could see in your area. that's in just a minute. thanks, doug. former mayor marion barry's
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family is still working on his memorial arrangements. but tonight there are new details about how he'll be remembered. the d.c. council is inviting people to sign a condolence book tomorrow beginning tomorrow. the former mayor will lie in repose in the building's ceremonial lobby. that will begin next tuesday. the funeral will be at the washington convention center because it's one of the few places in town large enough to hold the mourners who want to attend. the former mayor died early sunday morning from heart problems. we continue to follow breaking news from ferguson, missouri and here in washington. crowds reacting to the news of no indictment against officer darren wilson. we'll go back to jim hanley at the live desk in a moment. also, kidnapped, car jacked, maybe even worse. the news 4 i-team exposing hund
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michael brown's parents have lost more than anyone. we should be honoring their wishes. i also appeal to the law enforcement officials in ferguson and the region to show care and restraint in managing peaceful protests that may occur. finally, we need to recognize that the situation in ferguson speaks to broader challenges that we still face as a nation. the fact is, in too many parts of this country, a deep distrust
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exists between law enforcement and communities of color. >> evidence of that distrust is on display once again tonight in missouri. we go back to jim hanley at the live desk with more on the situation in ferguson. jim? >> the night is lighting up there. it's 10:26 on the streets of ferguson. more than three fires so far, let's show you some live pictures. we have some aerials there. this is one of three big fires burning right now. the fire department has just shown up here. they have the water guns on this blaze. it's a private business. we heard there was a beauty salon first set on fire, then a public storage lot. some of the businesses nearby include a mcdonald's. a lot of retail around this area too. an area where gun shots were first heard about an hour ago. a very chaotic scene. we want to shift now to a live picture from new york, where protesters are marching in manhattan right now, chanting, waving signs there, one of scores of protests in large cities all over the country right now. we've also gotten a report from
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los angeles where about 70 protesters tried to walk on to the highway there, eastbound 10, and were turned away, trying to block traffic. we'll continue to monitor the feeds coming into our newsroom. >> thank you, jim. and another live look at the scene outside the white house why jackie bensen just reported there's a peaceful protest going on. a large crowd marched here tonight from near the u street metro station. jackie said the crowd is around 300 people, many college students, but again, very peaceful demonstrations taking place right now across from the white house. >> with holiday shopping ramping up, the post office is now delivering mail seven days a week. but the news 4 team wondered how often the team delivering them
11:29 pm
become targets. >> it seemed like any other february day for the well known d.c. postal carrier on webster street. but it all changed when two men robbed him at gunpoint before tying him up with duct tape, beating him and throwing him from his delivery van. >> i can't understand why anybody would assault or hurt him. >> but neighbors now realize he's an easy target. >> every day i know what time he's going to be here, i know what time. >> we found out about this robbery because the u.s. postal service told us about it. they needed help to find the perpetrators. but they told us there are hundreds of these crimes every year that no one finds out about. >> tablets, computers. >> tom dodge said the rise of internet shopping has made his job more dangerous than ever. we obtained a nationwide list of more than 1,600 violent crimes
11:30 pm
committed against postal employees. we found robberies increased more than 300% in the last four years. some involving truck jackings, kidnappings and shootings. what we're told is just give it to them. give them your satchel of mail. if a postal truck is stopped, give them whatever they want. don't resist. let them have it. but it doesn't many much because many thieves today don't want witnesses. so they shoot. >> the i-team discovered 64 shootings on the list, including the murder of tyson barnett, killed on his route delivering mail one year ago this week. >> what do we want! >> reporter: we were there when dodge and union leaders held a protest following barnett's murder on the national mall. >> the sad thing is, when things are happening, they don't bring it to our attention. we'll hear it from someone else. management doesn't say, hey, pay
11:31 pm
attention, this is what's going on. >> reporter: the records we obtained show all kinds of employees getting robbed. including commercial truck drivers and mail clerks. but 84% of the victims are the men and women who deliver the mail to your home. and they don't happen at night. instead, we found 80% of robberies occur during the day between 5:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. upon we spent months asking to interview post master general patrick donahoe. finally caught up with him at a stamp event at the postal museum. >> robberies occur across america. we're represented in every city in the u.s. and it happens unfortunately. >> but your folks tell us they're easy targets and they're worried about their safety and they want the postal service to do more to protect their safety. >> we provide very good safety for employees in areas that have high crime. we provide bulletproof glass. we make sure that people aren't
11:32 pm
out at night. >> but dodge says they need more than a can of pepper spray to protect themselves. >> you shouldn't come to work every day and worry about if you're going to be attacked. you shouldn't have to worry about whether or not you're going to get hurt on the job today. >> many employees we talked with say the post office police forces have been heavily cut. meaning there are fewer officers out there investigating crimes against postal employees. tomorrow, in our broadcast at 6:00, we'll continue our investigation into crimes against postal workers. we'll hear from women who say they were sexually assaulted on the job. not on the routes, but inside the buildings where they worked. >> doug's back with more about our holiday weather forecast. i guess if we're trying to leave town, maybe we want to leave now. >> if you can leave tomorrow, on tuesday, obviously no bad weather there. i think thanksgiving is looking for good. unfortunately the biggest travel day is that wednesday and it does look like that's going to be the day we are going to be dealing with big-time travel
11:33 pm
problems out there. many of them in the form of snow. 74 degrees in d.c., and that's coming our way. chicago earlier today, snow in the windy city, not a lot, but very strong winds, very cold air making its way, not only towards chicagoland, but that air is moving our way. say goodbye to these high temperatures. 74 in d.c., that was a record. 70 in leesburg. and we're still very warm at this hour. 68 degrees right now at the airport. this is why. the winds out of south at 15 miles per hour helping to produce warmer temperatures. not much on the radar, few showers towards ocean city. that's where they'll stay. but what i am watching is that storm system. this will be a coastal storm. rain to the east, snow to the west. and just how much snow, really depends on how much cold air arrives with the system. the more cold air moves n the more of us see snow and have a chance for accumulation.
11:34 pm
but i'm expecting delays up and down the east coast from d.c. to new york and boston and towards pittsburgh. if you're going to be driving on wednesday, watch out for that. >> winter storm watch in effect, does not include d.c., maryland. loudon county, frederick county and points to the west, those are the areas that see snow. metro area, it will start as rain and move to snow. roads just wet. not anticipating too many problem on the roadways. accumulation should be on the grassy surfaces. to the west, different scenario. almost all snow. accumulations will be likely, and pretty significant. roads i think will be an issue, especially the secondary roads, but maybe some highways. again, this is preliminary. i guarantee you this will change by tomorrow afternoon. but right now, less than an inch for southern maryland. one to three including northwest d.c. at the airport, maybe


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